Department of Physical Education, University of Kerala - Profile

University Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala University is one among the trailblazers in University sports sector in the country. Among the Universities in India, the Travancore University was the first to start a department of Physical Education. The importance of Physical Education was recognised by the founding fathers of the University. The University committee of 1923 recommended the formation of a University training corps as a part of a programme for the development of physical culture. The year 1939-40 saw the creation of a Board of Physical Education to direct and guide the physical education activities of affiliated colleges. The late Col. Goda Varma Raja was the first President of the Board of Physical Education and P. I. Alexander, Director of Physical Education, its secretary. From the year 1940 onwards various activities were organised under the auspices of this department which was initially housed in the old Military Barracks compound (near the present Vikas Bhavan). The Physical Education Department had a Gymnasium looked after by an Instructor in Indigenous exercises. The University Gymnasium functioned till 1972 in the building adjacent to the present University Student's Centre and opposite to the G.V. Raja Pavilion. The health / medical examination of students of the University were conducted by the Department of Physical Education. The emphasis then was on indigenous exercises, Yogic exercise, free hand exercises, Rowing and Cricket. These activities were organised on club basis. Medical examination of the members of the club was conducted and records maintained. Competitions were organised in Surya Namaskar and muscle control. Dr.Vineykar and Dr.Paulose were successively in charge of Yogasana since 1941 and T.K Rama Varma from thereon till 1950. In the year 1940-41, the construction of the University Stadium was started under the enthusiastic leadership of Col. G. V. Raja, P.I. Alexander, the Director of Physical Education and P.R. Parameshwara Panicker, Registrar, University of Travancore. A pavilion of cantilevered balcony and a canopy of R.C.C. Shell, a unique piece of construction, were built in the University Stadium within a short span of one year and the Department of Physical Education was shifted to the pavilion in 1963. The pavilion was named G. V. Raja pavilion by the then honorable Governor of Kerala Sri. V. V. Giri. Then onwards the office of the department of Physical Education has been functioning in this building.

The vision of the Physical Education department is the development and promotion of sports activities for health, educational and social benefits of student community. Accordingly, the Dept. has adopted the following mission:

  1. To provide adequate infrastructure facilities for sports and games so that students choose and participate in the events for which they have flair. To spot out and groom the sports talent.
  2. To nurture, better human relations through sports and games enjoy a perfect balance between sports performance standards and healthy lifestyle.
  3. To imbibe discipline, leadership qualities, courage and the sense of belonging through sports activities.
  4. To produce National & International players, by providing opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and values for the enhancement of performance in a wide range of sports through intercollegiate and inter-university forums.

Succession List of Directors and Assistant Directors

Sl. No.NameYear
1Sri. P. I. Alexander B.A., M.P.E1939 - 1955
2Sri. P. J. Joseph B.A., D.P.Ed.1955 - 1957
3Sri. V. G. Abraham B.A., D.P.Ed.1957 - 1967
4Sri. T. K. Ramavarma B.A., D.P.Ed.1967 - 1977
5Sri. Pathrose P. Mathai M.A., M.Sc., NIS.Dip.1979 - 1988
6Sri. M.N.C. Bose M.P.Ed., NIS.Dip.1989 - 1991
7Sri. Pathrose P. Mathai M.A, M.Sc., NIS.Dip.1991 - 1996
8Dr. A. Eugine Sunil M.P.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D, P.G.D.S.M2008 - 2012
9Dr. K. K. Venu M.P.Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D, NIS.Dip.2016 - 2018
1Sri. L. Balagurusoman B.A, D.P.Ed. 1977-1989
2Dr. B. Muraleedharan Pillai M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D 1996-2000
3Dr. K.K. Venu M.P.Ed., M.Phil., NIS.Dip. (On Deputation) 2002-2003
4Dr. A. Eugine Sunil M.P.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D, P.G.D.S.M (On Deputation) 2004-2007
5Dr. K.I. Razia M.P.E, M.Phil., Ph. D (On Deputation) 2013-2014
6Dr.JayarajanDavid.D MPE, M.Phil., Ph.D, MBA, NIS.Dip. (On Deputation) 2018-2022
7Dr. K.I. Razia M.P.E, M.Phil., Ph. D (On Deputation)        2022-


The Department is headed by the Director of Physical Education with an Assistant Director. The activities of the department are guided by an Advisory Committee constituted by the University with Vice-Chancellor as Chairman and the Director of Physical Education as the secretary. It consists of representatives of the Syndicate, senior officers of the University, representatives of the University Union, Physical Education teachers of various colleges affiliated to the University, experts in the profession and outstanding sportsmen of the State as members.


The University provides a wide range of top quality shared sporting and athletics facilities which will be promoted and available for use by students, colleges, clubs, individuals and other community groups. The University stadium spreads across 8 acres and 40 cents of prime property in the heart of the Trivandrum city. The University stadium is a multi-purpose stadium and is one among the foremost synthetic track athletic stadiums of the country. This multi-purpose flood lighted sports venue is one of the most demanded sports venues which hosted two National Games and other national and international events. The stadium has an eight lane athletic track, warming up lanes wrapped inside a football field with throwing sectors, jumping pits, Volleyball court and Basketball court outside, with lush green shade trees around the pavilion.

A physical fitness centre is operational at the University stadium in order to gear up for extensive physical activities and sports conditioning workout in the gymnasium. The centre has almost all the requisite instruments and equipment required for exercising.

Greenfield International Stadium, Kariavattom


Green Field Stadium, Kariavattom is a multi-purpose stadium and an exceptional facility for International games of cricket and football. The playing arena in the stadium has been constructed in line with FIFA regulations and International Cricket Council norms. This multi-functional stadium is capable of hosting international cricket and football matches as well as cultural and entertainment events. It also accommodates indoor sports like Table Tennis, Basketball, Badminton etc., a gymnasium and spa, a club house with five-star facilities, tennis court, Olympic size swimming pool, open convention cum trade cum exhibition centre, retail outlets, food courts, club facilities, car parking, etc. It has a seating capacity for 55,000 spectators. It is the first stadium in the country made on DBOT (Design-Build-Operate and Transfer) basis. The land has been given on lease by the University for 15 years after which the stadium will be handed over the University.


Apart from the aforesaid facilities, the University has a roofed Basketball court in its main campus, adjacent to the Senate Hall. Incidentally, this court is said to have been the first Tennis Court in Trivandrum. A mini stadium is also there at Kariavattom campus.


A sports hostel run by Kerala State Sports Council is functioning in the G.V. Raja Pavilion under the supervision of the Department. The students are provided with free accommodation and food. Regular coaching is given in Football, Athletics and Handball to the students by the coaches of the Kerala State Sports Council.


A meeting of all Physical Education Teachers of the affiliated colleges of the University is conducted at the beginning of every academic year to prepare and approve the sports calendar as per the AIU schedule for the year and to discuss the matters related to the conduct of intercollegiate tournaments namely, the nomination of zone conveners (South & North), dates and venues of the inter collegiate tournaments and nomination of selectors for the selection of zone level players. The comprehensive and varied intercollegiate programme designed to meet the needs and interests of the students generate a spirit of healthy competition and works to encourage a healthy student life environment. Intercollegiate tournaments are conducted once in a year, either on single zone or on two zone (South and North) basis depending upon the number of entries. The teaching departments of the University Campus are considered as one unit and included in the south zone. After conducting the zone tournaments I, II and III place winners from both zones will qualify to participate in the inter zone tournaments from where the champions will be decided.

University Team Selections: The University teams are selected for participation in the All India Inter University tournaments. For games which runs on zonal and basis, a preliminary selection is done at the zonal level by a zonal committee. In addition to the players of the three qualified teams from each zone, the outstanding performers at the zone level tournaments are also eligible to participate in the inter-zone selection trials. The total number of such players selected must be limited to the total number of players allowed to represent a team. The final selection is made by a committee constituted by the Director on the occasion of the inter zonal tournaments. For games and sports runs on the single zone basis, direct selection is made by a committee specially constituted for the purpose, by the Director. The selected teams are put to special intensive coaching under the supervision of the coaches. The camps provide opportunities for practice, training and competition.

Incentives to Sports Person:

Knitting for Players: University Players are accorded with uniforms, tracksuits and accessories.

Scholarships: Two types of scholarships are given by the University.

i. Sports Training Incentive of Rs. 4000/- each for the All India Inter-University medal winners.

ii. Sports Talent Scholarships of Rs. 1200/- each for Kerala University team members, who are not covered by the former scheme.

Grace marks: Grace Marks are awarded to sports persons who excel in University, State, National and International sports and games competitions. The awarding of grace marks are monitored by the Department. For UG Degree Programmes, a maximum of 25% and for Professional and PG Degree Programmes, a maximum of 8% marks shall be awarded on the basis of their performance as per the University order.


The Department has envisaged some extension activities other than routine work to ensure its social commitment which includes Annual Summer Coaching Camp for School Students and Yoga Training programme for the general public.

International Yoga Day Inauguration at Department of Physical Education

Annual Summer Coaching Camps are regularly conducted at the University Stadium every year to impart basic training and inspire school children in the sports and games as a part of extension service. Basic training was given to the school children in Athletics, Football and Yoga during the camp. Certificates were presented to the children who had successfully completed the coaching camp.

One Month Yoga Training Programme is conducted throughout the year for the public. The yoga practice encourages people to develop health, decision-making skills, concentration, problem solving, determination, control of emotions and helps in relieving stress. Therapeutic applications of Yoga practices are also imparted through yoga session to restore balance and health.

International Yoga day celebration was conducted by the department on June 21st 2016. About 200 people participated in the yoga session. Dr. K. Madhu Kumar, Controller of Examinations, University of Kerala, inaugurated the Yoga day celebrations.

International Yoga Day Celebrations at Department of Physical Education

Annual Fixture Meeting [2016 -'17]

The Annual Fixture Meeting for the academic year 2016 -'17 was held on 22nd July 2016 at the University Senate Chamber. The Hon'ble Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. N. Veeramanikantan inaugurated the Fixture Meeting for the year 2016 -'17. An official website of the department has been launched by the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Radhakrishnan. The Physical Education teachers from various affiliated colleges under University of Kerala attended the meeting.

The business session of the Fixture meeting had detailed discussion and deliberations on various issues relating to the conduct of Intercollegiate Tournaments and participation of University teams in the All India Inter University Championships. Sri. Aji.P.L, Asst. Professor, Govt. Sanskrit College, TVPM and Sri. Sujith Prabhakar, Asst. Professor, S.N College, Kollam were nominated as South Zone and North Zone Conveners respectively for the smooth conduct of the Inter Collegiate Tournaments.