Sports Quota Admission

Special Reservation

Sportsperson At least one seat shall be reserved for Sports candidates in each subject for the First Degree Programme (U.O. No.Ac.B1/04 dated 07-08-2004). In addition to these seats, two additional seats, over and above the sanctioned strength, shall be created for allotment exclusively for Sports candidates in First Degree Programme in each Arts & Commerce subjects. Admission to such seats shall be made by the Principal, as per the existing procedure for admission under Sports Quota. If the required number of sportspersons is not available, the seats should be kept vacant and shall not be filled by other candidates. (U.O. No. Ac.B1/2004 dated 08-07-2005).

Guide Lines (Norms for selection)

i) Preference shall be given to the sportsperson who has represented International over National, National over State, State over District, District over the sportsperson who has represented the Sub District . In the absence of candidates who have represented the State, the Sportsperson with District representation can be considered for filling up the quota. ii) The certificate from the Hon. Secretary of the State Association of the concerned event must be produced by the candidate to prove the State representation and from the Hon. Secretary; District Association of the concerned event must be produced by the candidate to prove the representation of the District. (Circular Letter No. Ad.D1.3.1276/74 dated 23-01-1979) iii) The selection of candidates under sports quota is based on their excellence in Sports at Higher Secondary level The above candidates should also register online before the closure of registration. The University will forward the list of sports candidates to the respective colleges. The Principals of the Colleges shall then prepare the ranklist, based on the achievement in sports. Admissions shall be made after obtaining the approval of the University.